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General Education Foundation

WVU aims to provide students with a foundation of skills and knowledge necessary to reason clearly, communicate effectively, and contribute to society. The General Education Foundation is designed to ensure that students meet these goals through inquiry-based learning across the disciplines. 

In conjunction with a major field, and in consultation with their advisors, students will design programs of study that satisfy the GEF’s Objectives. The learning objectives reflect the fact that, in an increasingly interdependent world, it is crucial that students learn to interact constructively with people from different cultures, to understand viewpoints different from their own, and to identify and resolve issues of personal and professional ethics. The GEF strives to help students to become thoughtful participants in a democratic society, and to achieve the intellectual integration and awareness they will need to meet changes and challenges in their personal, social, and professional lives.

As additional courses are approved, academic advisors will be informed. Please consult your advisor to determine which courses are available to you.