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Professional Experience

Because of the challenging curriculum in veterinary school and the competitive nature of the application process, it is important that students are highly motivated to achieve a career in veterinary medicine.

One way to ensure that a career in veterinary medicine would be fulfilling and enjoyed is for students to gain experience in a veterinary practice. While most of the veterinary schools require a minimum of 80 hours of experience working with a veterinarian, gaining as much exposure as possible is always a plus.

Plenty of experience not only shows the admission committee that the applicant is serious about his/her future career, but it also gives the student important exposure to terminology, procedures, and real-life practices. In addition, students may be able to form a relationship with the veterinarian that can be beneficial while obtaining references and during the application process.

Students majoring in Animal and Nutritional Sciences at WVU are required to complete an internship as part of the capstone experience. Students who take the ANS 491 lecture in the Spring will learn about careers in veterinary medicine. After completing the lecture, students may work with a veterinarian and gain college credit.