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Potential Interview Questions for Veterinary School Candidates

The majority of these are questions our students currently in Vet School were asked.

Why do you want to become a veterinarian?

What type of veterinary medicine do you want to practice?

Who influenced most your decision to become a veterinarian?

Describe your perception of veterinarians and their role in their community.

What will it mean to you to be accepted into veterinary school?

What personal strengths do you have which will allow you to be a successful student and veterinarian?

What weaknesses do you recognize in yourself that may impact your academic or professional career?

Do veterinarians have a role in food safety and/or bioterrorism issues?

What academic situations have you experienced that you think will help you to succeed in veterinary school?

Tell us how your experiences (abroad) have affected your perception of veterinary medicine?

What can you tell us about “swine flu” that’s been discussed in the news lately? (or any other hot topic)

What is your view on: farrowing crates, layer cages, confinement housing, horse slaughter ban?

Where do you see the future of veterinary medicine to be focused?

If you see a fellow student violating rules of academic integrity (“cheating”), how would you handle the situation?

What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

How much debt will you have when you finish vet school?

How do you plan on paying for vet school?

Tell us about a difficult situation you’ve been in and how you handled it.

If you don’t get in this time, what is your plan B?

Talk to us about a current event in the veterinary world

Describe a very stressful time in your life and how you handled it.

Describe your parents – education level, employment, etc.

How do you feel about vet students practicing surgery and other techniques on live animals, opposed to simulators?

If you were going to open your own practice, what are some of the costs that would go into running a successful veterinary practice?

If you were driving and you had to hit a wall, a horse, or a girl, which would you hit and why?

How do you feel about these ethical situations (tail docking in dogs, hunting animals, declawing cats, etc)?

What are some common diseases that occur more south than up north?