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Animal Sciences Farm – The 935 acre property lies on the outskirts of Morgantown. There are many research projects ongoing, such as environmental and economic impacts of nutrient flows in dairy forage, muscle growth regulation, processed muscle foods, and shifting breeding time for ewe flocks to increase farm income. Students are enrolled in multiple courses having field experience at the farm.

Reedsville Farm – The 929-acre farm is 22 miles east of Morgantown, near Arthurdale in Preston County. Much of this farm is used for crop production to support the Animal Sciences Farm. Research activities are also conducted here, such as ovarian function of domestic animals and the use of poultry waste as a soil amendment.

Reymann Memorial Farm – The 996-acre area is located two miles north of Wardensville in Hardy County. The Bull Performance Tests Program is located here. Additional research projects are completed at this farm.

Willow Bend Demonstration Farm – The 100-plus acre farm is three miles south of Union in Monroe County. The main purpose of this farm is demonstration of beef cattle and sheep husbandry practices, along with pasture management.

Rainbow Trout Laboratory – A team of scientist are mapping genes of the rainbow trout to increase production. They are trying to identify the genetic makeup up a superior fish.

Meats Processing Laboratory – This 1100 square foot lab with equipment to support research. Research areas include enhancing muscle protein through ingredient and processing, the impact pre- and postharvest factors have on the quality of rainbow trout, and the ecology of Salmonella and Campylobacter in turkey production.